Sunday, March 06, 2016

Disboskator-Terror In Dreamland


Disboskator is a heavy & harsh thrash metal band from Prato, Tuscany (Italy) that has been actively haunting dreams since their inception back in 2012. The 18 minute plus EP, "Terror In Dreamland", is their first release and it was produced by the talented Leonardo Bellavista. Edoardo Scali (vox/guitar), Filippo Mannini (bass), and Tiziano Valentini (drums) make up this nightmarish band whose KILLER sound is more old-school than modern. Thank the gods and masters of metal for that! Early Anthrax would be a good starting point as far as reference points go, but with Disboskator there is more of a raw edge going on and this trio is way more frightening than said New York band could ever hope to be! In addition to the "Fistful Of Metal" lads, Disboskator definitely takes a page or two from the late-eighties/early-nineties underground thrash scene as well as the likes of Pantera and Exhorder. All of which adds up to some SMASHING & THRASHING good times with the only real downer to this name-your-price download being it's short length!

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