Friday, March 04, 2016

Double Experience-Unsaved Progress

Colfax Music

Active since 2011,  Double Experience is a Canadian trio with three release to it's name thanks to the forthcoming "Unsaved Progress". Self-dubbed Nerdy Neo-Rock and featuring a solid line-up of Ian Nichols (vox, lyrics), Brock Tinsley (guitars, bass, lyrics), and Dafydd Cartwright (drums), Double Experience is also a band that answers one of life's oldest and most persistent questions. And of course that would be: "What would Fall Out Boy sound like if they were less emo and more rock?". What, you've never asked that question before? Am I the only one who has wondered that? Wow, who knew? Anyway, this is pretty much what you get when it comes to the quirky Double Experience and/or "Unsaved Progress". With eight original compositions and a fun cover of the B.O.C. classic "Godzilla", "Unsaved Progress" is an easy enough album to get into so long as you enjoy alternative rock & pop-infused heavy rock. Double Experience's new release has a due-date of April 8th and lest I forget, "Unsaved Progress" will be printed with classic video game-inspired packaging! That's rather righteous don't ya think? Well, at least it is to me. I grew up loving the video game culture and I now have the pleasure of watching my own children teenagers enjoy the same games that I did when I was there age! And speaking of my teens (or my family of three!), "Unsaved Progress" has a good chance at becoming a new family favorite thanks to it's catchy mash-up of pop rock, alternative rock, pop punk, power rock and heavy rock! While it might not appeal to all of our readers, "Unsaved Progress" still deserves a fair chance so if your musical tastes are a little more open why not give this one a shot? You've got nothing to lose....

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