Thursday, March 03, 2016

Gravelhead-Gravelhead II


Released on January 29th, "Gravelhead II" is the latest recording from this Rochester, New York-based heavy metal/hard rock band. With a run-time that is over the fifty minute mark(!), "Gravelhead II" serves as  the natural follow-up to the group's 2010 self-titled debut and finds this heavy metal/hard rock band channeling it's vast array of influences into what ends up being one highly-recommend album! The group is lead by guitarist BrAiN (sic) and as a result of his Ozzy-like vocal delivery one can't help but point towards not only Osbourne's solo work, but Black Sabbath in general. Of course (musically-speaking) the rest of Gravlehead helps out greatly in this regard as this New York band as a whole channels solo Ozzy & Black Sabbath. Still, Black Sabbath is just one of many influences for this solid hard & heavy act as "Gravelhead II" offers up flashes of everyone from Metallica to Rush and in no way whatsoever is that a bad thing! Currently the band is rounded out by Jared Niedermaier (guitar/vocals) and Tom Bittner (drums) and for now at least "Gravelhead II" is only available as a digital download. With a price tag of only $5 (!) it is an absolute steal as "Gravelhead II" is not only an amazing step-forward as far as the group's skill level is concerned, but it is a prime-time example of how effective hard rock/heavy metal can be when you take the time to make sure that your album has the perfect balance of pristine melodic passages and flashy guitar-rock leads! For more information on this exceptionally-talented (and for some reason vastly-underrated!) New York band be sure to check out their Facebook page

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