Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bull Funk Zoo-Dangerous Radio


Due to be released on September 11th, 2016, "Dangerous Radio" is the second full-length album from the one of a kind one-man ROCK project known as Bull Funk Zoo. Having previously covered Bull Funk Zoo (aka producer, multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and insanely-skilled guitarist Assaad Lakkis) back in late March of this year by way of the wild and crazy ride that was "Would You" I knew enough to expect two things out of this release. The first thing was that it would be completely unique and/or experimental. That had been the case with the wicked single "Would You" and it's (just as damn cool!) follow-up, "Burnin"*. These two album tracks offered a different take on heavy rock and from everything that I had read about Bull Funk Zoo' main-man Assaad Lakkis (ie: his backstory and his wide-range of musical influences**!) all signs pointed towards more of the same on his new disc. The second expectation that I had about "Dangerous Radio" is that it would be LOUD and ROCKING! Whether it was the album's artwork, it's highly-suggestive title or just the way in which those two previously mentioned singles had seemingly set a precedent there was something that told me this album was going to be a BEAST. Sure enough I was right. "Dangerous Radio" is nothing short of a rock and roll rampage! Essentially what you've got here is garage-worthy HEAVY rock doing shots of Jägermeister with the likes of seventies classic rock, blues-rock, funk-rock and punk rock while there is a Red Bull & moonshine-fueled prison riot going on!! In other words, "Dangerous Radio" lives up to it's inspired title while simultaneously making Bull Funk Zoo one hell of name to keep an eye on! Produced, mixed and mastered by Assaad Lakkis himself, "Dangerous Radio" is the sound of one extremely-talented man taking guitar rock on a adventure-filled ride through the wasteland that is today's modern rock scene in order to bring hope to all those who are dying and in desperate need of real music in order to survive. Bull Funk Zoo is the hero that many have been searching for. Thank the almighty god's of hell-fire and (blistered fingers) rock and roll that he is finally here!

*Check out the official video of "Burnin" by heading here

**  Assaad's influences range from James Brown & Motown artists to Soundgarden and Megadeth! He grew up inspired by everything from Kiss to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck. Toss in some major love for old-school punk as well as jazz(!) and you have one damn-fine multi-instrumentalist that has it all covered1!

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