Sunday, May 29, 2016

Constraint-Enlightened By Darkness


Formed back in March of 2011 (while many of it's members were still in their teens!), Constraint is a up-and-coming symphonic metal group that hails from Italy and began life as a cover band. This young group, which is now signed to Atomic Stuff Promotion(!), is lead by vocalist (and would be opera singer!) Beatrice Bini* and rounded out by guitarist Alessio Molinari, bassist Federico Paglia, keyboardist Simone Ferraresi, and drummer Alessandro Lodesani. Released on February 12th of this year, "Enlightened By Darkness" is Constraint's full-length debut album and this CD displays the natural evolution of one five-piece band that went from playing Nightwish, Epica and Evanesence covers to crafting it's own distinct material. Preceded by a 2012 demo entitled "Illusion Of A Dream", Constraint's "Enlightened By Darkness" is admittedly at it's best when it pursues a more metallic narrative. When she is backed by the smoldering leads of guitarist Alessio Molinari (and in full-tilt opera mode!) Beatrice Bini is something to behold! There's a distinct feeling of power & energy and it feels almost magical when the proverbial peddle** is smashed to the floor!! That's all great and it makes me want to hear more from that version of Constraint. Unfortunately when things slow down (and lead singer Beatrice goes from full-tilt opera mode to normal singing) this disc simply doesn't work. It's not simply a case of the album losing some of it's momentum, but it's overall appeal. Truth be told  it's a tale of two cities when it comes to "Enlightened By Darkness". On one hand there is top-notch symphonic metal that is enthusiastic& hard driving. On the other hand there is something that is more akin to mediocre melodic metal. Obviously the one side of this band works and is great while the other side feels blah. If Constraint can become more consistent across the board then this female-fronted band could be the real deal. And yes, I could see that happening. Especially as there is more to like*** about this album then there is to dislike....

*No insult meant there as Beatrice Bini could be a opera singer if she so desired.

**Pedal to the metal as they say! 

 ***In addition to Bini's opera-like vocals (or rather that side of her voice) top points should be awarded to all of the musicians involved with this album. There's was strong musicianship all over this disc. No matter if the album was fast or slow that aspect of Constraint never changed. Add in some solid songwriting and a overall good production job and you've got one disc that despite it's few flaws is still recommend. 

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