Monday, May 16, 2016

Free Metal Monday: Nice Guyz-Propaganda


"Propaganda" is the second Free Metal Monday offering of the day and this name-your-price release comes from an Israeli four-piece band that is known as Nice Guyz. With seven original compositions and two interesting cover songs, "Propaganda" looks as if it is the first proper full-length album from this hardcore punk metal band and it serves as the natural follow to a late 2015 recording that was fittingly-enough entitled "Demo EP"! Based in Giv'atayim and currently comprised of Liron Elisar (rhythm guitar), Asaf Keefe (lead guitar), Chen Kira (vox), and Alisiya Lavrenova (drums), Nice Guyz has a lot to offer on this rage in the cage recording in spite of what the above-artwork might otherwise suggest. In addition to head-kicking title track, "Propaganda" features such fury-filled gems as "Anarchy In Tel Aviv", "Realishit", "Rampage", and "Testament" and they all go down nice and smooth! Often times these angry cuts come across as if they were a lethal (but delicious!) cocktail of the Sex Pistols and The Exploited* and when you sit them next to covers of "Hurt" (Johnny Cash) and "Rape Me" (Nirvana) you get one damn fun release** that is most-definitely a steal of a deal since it's free! 

*Or at least the early days of The Exploited when they were more hardcore than metal.

**While it's certainly more modern than it is vintage, "Propaganda" did make me think back to the old tape-trading days when punk hardcore and raw garage metal would get together on a sweaty Friday night and bang out some choice material! Usually this was after first consuming a case or two of extremely cheap beer, but the end result was all the same (ie: attitude-filled music that wasn't easy to define genre-wise).

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