Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Singles: Snakewine-"Brood of Vipers"


Released back on February 10th of this year, "Brood of  Vipers" is a drop-dead AWESOME single from German heavy rock/hard & heavy band Snakewine. This ass-kicking quartet is solid as fuck in regards to both their songwriting skills and actual performances and it was it just last week that I covered Snakewine's unreal album "Serpent Kings". Seeing as this rock and roll-fueled outfit is as much influenced by bands like Guns N' Roses and Rose Tattoo as it is Motörhead and Zeke there is no shortage of good times when you plug into tracks like "Brood of Vipers"! In fact the more I hear from this up-and-coming band the more I fall MADLY in love with them and it's the same kind of special feeling that I've long felt for Motörhead and "Appetite For Destruction"-era G N' R!! This is another band that I can't believe is flying so far below the radar especially in this day and age when this kind of dirty underground rock could save us all!!!!

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