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Interview with G.O.T.H.

For those who might not be in the know, G.O.T.H. is a up-and-coming hard & heavy gothic rock/metal band with both a male and female vocalist. It was only yesterday that I covered G.O.T.H's excellent debut album, "Glam On Thy Hell" and you can read about it by heading here. Now it is my pleasure to post an interview that I recently conducted with co-vocalists Ivan and Kate. I just want to thank the two of them for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to us and I would encourage each and everyone of you reading this to check out their killer first album! 

Andy-Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Would you mind telling us who's who in the band and how G.O.T.H. got together?

Kate-Thank you for this interview! G.O.T.H. is made up by me as a female vocalist and Ivan Prim as a male vocalist. Then there is Dean on guitar, super-star wrestler Christina Von Eerie on bass and Zak on drums.

Ivan-On the beginning when I recorded the album it was just Kate and myself but I knew that I wanted to play live, and as our tour started in the United States we've found there the right people to complete the line-up.

Andy- I'm sure you've been asked this question a thousand times before, but how did you end up with the name G.O.T.H.?

Ivan-G.O.T.H. is the acronym for Glam On Thy Hell. Finding a name for a band is always complicated but I wanted to build on my concept of life that is no matter where you are in heaven or hell in a palace or a poor house your values must always be the same as your glamour. Hence the name Glam On Thy Hell and because our music is more suited to obscurity, love and death joining the initials of the name makes G.O.T.H. that is what we advocate.

Andy-How would you describe your sound to our readers who might not be familiar you?

Kate-Our music is a mix of feelings they can speak of hate and love, heaven and hell, angels and demons and each mysticism that separates the mankind from the other side...

Ivan-The truth is that people can take our songs and lyrics as they want, every individual has the freedom to understand it in his own way. It’s like what happens with the most known best-seller book in the world and the most read - the Bible -every Christian religion interprets and modifies the interpretation of the Bible…sometimes to their benefit.

Kate-Maybe there are two truths? Also our lyrics hide something that only some people can decipher...

Andy-Among other things, "Glam On Thy Hell" has a really cool vintage vibe going for it. Was this something you planned?

Ivan- The music of the band is the face of the band, something mystic and imperial that reflects exactly our sound and lyrics. It’s like the worst human being in the purgatory who shakes while facing with death, while in his life he was always so pretentious and judgmental of other people's lives but when finally judgment comes upon him he cries like a bitch.

Andy-Your debut album is finally seeing a CD release, How did the deal with Musicarchy Media come about?

Ivan-Yes, we kinda had some issues with the release of this album and changed record label and going to Musicarchy Media only recently. Now our self-titled album G.O.T.H. will be released on June 17th via Musicarchy Media. How we signed with Musicarchy Media is a long long story with luckily a happy ending.

Kate-Musicarchy Media is doing an excellent job. Everyone has a good attitude and it is all reflected on the job they do, so we can better do our job.

Andy-Since you touched upon it earlier could you talk to us about the mythical aspect of G.O.T.H.? Especially seeing as there is something almost otherworldly about music.

Ivan-Absolutely, there is something supernatural guaranteed on several aspects, plenty of times I composed a song and recorded it and the next day I had no idea of what was recorded, like if it wasn't me who recorded what I was listening to, many times I felt the presence of something while recording.
In the beginning was weird but then it started to become part of me.

Kate-Something was strange about the band and we realized that here is something with the number 13, everything related to G.O.T.H. has the number 13. When Ivan told me about it, I didn't care much but then I saw that it was too much of a coincidence. I can give some examples; the name Glam On Thy Hell has 13 letters, we have 13 songs, so far so good, some songs were made in Wolverhampton and the name Wolverhampton is made up of 13 letters.

Ivan-If you add up the minutes and seconds of the album you will get the number 13, the first time that I met our current guitarist he had the number 13 tattooed on his hand, our row on the plane was row 13 coming to the United States, then someone offered me one pair of tennis shoes as a gift and the person didn't even know any of this and they had the number 13 with skulls on them.

Kate-Meanwhile our label Musicarchy Media tells us that the digital album release is planned for May 13th, after that we got to the casino to play French Roulette and Ivan told me to bet on the 13 and we won.

Ivan-The song "Chapter One", the first of the album and live shows has a poem that the knight templars used as a ritual, and for those who don't know the knights templars were persecuted and killed on a Friday the13th.

Andy-Wow, those are some strange coincidences! It's really crazy. Let's move on though. Lyrically-speaking the material on "Glam On Thy Hell" is deep and rewarding. Who pens the actual lyrics?

Ivan-I composed all the songs, played all the instruments and wrote all the lyrics.
Kate-I love the lyrics, some of them are more direct and other you might feel confused but if you pay attention metaphorically and do the joining of words and dates you will see that there's a code there.

Andy-I really like the lyrics as well. But then again I also love the actual music! I have to ask. Who inspires the band musically and lyrically?

Ivan-All kinds of art, whatever it may be, musically I like old school bands but Kate prefers newer bands. My inspiration comes from any kind of art.

Andy-That's something I can appreciate. The meeting of the old and the new I mean. So, now that the band is backed by an actual label that is willing to support you as you grow where do you see life taking G.O.T.H.?

Kate- It's very important for us to have someone to believe and support our work, having like 10 or 15 people working behind us for the same goal is much better than having only us. Musicarchy Media have been doing an excellent work, we do talk a lot, we present ideas and priorities increasingly be able to acquire new members for G.O.T.H. legion.

Andy- How can fans find out more about G.O.T.H. and your new album?

Kate- You can find us on social networks like: 

Do the pre order at, and you also can find information about us.
On YouTube you may search for G.O.T.H or Glam On Thy Hell.

 Ivan-We answer messages from fans, me and Kate are always attentive to that.

Andy-That's great. I'm of the mindset that you should always let bands and artists have the last word. Is there anything else that we didn't cover that you would like to discuss? Or perhaps you want to say something to your fans and supporters. Whatever it is the mic is all yours!
Ivan-We just want to thank everyone who’s been following us so far, especially all the people who joined us on our tour in United States and thank to the G.O.T.H legion for all the support thank you all.

 Kate-Also we hope to see everyone at our shows in Europe, thank you one more time.

Andy-You're very welcome and good luck with the tour!

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