Thursday, May 05, 2016

Waste Pipes-Fake Mistake

Atomic Stuff Promotion/Andromeda Dischi

Formed back in 2003 by some high school age friends (and amazingly enough still featuring the same line-up after all these years!), Waste Pipes is a (melodic yet slightly-aggressive) hard rock and roll band from Italy with a handful of releases to it's name. Released on February 27th of this year, "Fake Mistake" is the latest full-length recording from this Turin-based band and (without mincing words) it is absolutely brilliant! Opening by way of the rock-steady "Headstrong", "Fake Mistake" (which is incidentally available on CD and as a digital download) is the sound of one hungry five-piece band that has finally struck studio gold! Waste Pipe's new album includes nine highly-creative & perfectly executed numbers and it's all from the youthful team of Chris (vox), Kina (guitar), Guarro (guitar), Lava (bass), and Boe (drums). On "Fake Mistake" you'll witness the full potential of this up-and-coming Italian rock band that has slowly but steadily grown from being one of Turin's best kept secrets into something much bigger and ultimately better!! With influences that range from classic rock (AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, The Cult, Queen, and ZZ Top!) to all things alternative* (everything from The Killers and Linkin Park to the Buzzcocks, The Church, The Clash, Radio Birdman, and even Midnight Oil!!) there is so much to love about "Fake Mistake" even if there is one track in particular that really sticks out. That song would be the catchy "Stay The Night" which has HUGE SUCCESS written all over it! Hands down this potential hit single in the making is the best song of the lot and you can check out the official video for it by heading here. The third track on the group's newest release, "Stay The Night" is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head and leave with with no choice but to sing it over and over again! Even so, "Stay The Night" is just one of the many wonders that awaits listeners on the brand new studio album from Waste Pipes. In-between the aforementioned "Headstrong" and this albums closing cut, "Bad Growing", you have plenty of other great moments ("Fire Below", "The Loser Song", "For All The Time We Waste", "Not Enough", and "Little Devils Scratched My Ears") thus making the band's new studio album a instant classic! Strong musicianship and top of the line songwriting like this doesn't come along every day and even when it does it is never as honest and sincere as Waste Pipes is. When you get right to Waste Pipes has a ton of potential so it would be an absolute tragedy if this graceful and heartfelt band wasn't given a chance to share their music on a bigger stage. Here's hoping they get that chance.... 

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