Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Last Insane-Demo 2016


Last Insane is a unsigned three-piece garage rock/alternative rock band from Vallejo, California. The group  is comprised of three longtime friends and the four-track EP "Demo 2016" looks as if it is Last Insane's only release to date. Words like "lose" and "laid back" come to mind when listening to "Demo 2016" and as far as I see things this unsigned trio it could easily be a part of the garage rock revival scene that is now flourishing throughout the US and Europe! While their one song, "Narce", reminded me a bit too much of Jet's "Are you Gonna Be My Girl", Last Insane's "Door", "My Feet Smell", and "You Drive Me Insane" make up for this small misstep thanks to the wonderful combination of witty lyrics and enthusiastic garage rock. For a first effort this short EP certainly hits plenty of high notes and it does this while simultaneously achieving this young band's goal of bring old fashioned rock and roll back to the forefront where it belongs! With "Demo 2016" Last Insane is off to a promising start....

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