Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Singles: Murkocet-Strip Club Massacre


This Saturday Single moment will be as short and direct as it's subject matter is. Murkocet's groove-heavy "Strip Club Massacre" is the theme song of the upcoming horror film of the same name and it's sure to be a crowd pleasure for fans of Parkway Drive, Bloodsimple, and Lamb of God. While I won't comment of the the actual quality (or lack thereof) of the movie after which it is named, "Strip Club Massacre" is a powerful slice of pure heavy f**kin' metal that is awarded extra points for it's Motörhead-inspired bass lines (courtesy of one Brandon Raeburn) and the fearsome vocal delivery of lead singer Richie Jano!  Drummer Mike Mays and guitarist Nate Garrett round out this Chandler, Arizona' foursome that can be found online by heading here. Meanwhile you can find "Strip Club Massacre" on the group's bandcamp page or at places like iTunes.

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