Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Madkill-Mass Destruction


Madkill is a Brazilian thrash metal band that was initially formed in mid-2010 by guitarist and vocalist Natanael "Natan" Alves. The 5-track "Mass Destruction" is this band's only studio release to date and from what I'm been able to gather it was recorded in studio K9 with a line-up of Natan Alves (guitar/vox), Felipe Gabriel (bass) and Jhonatan Rozante (drums). As of 2016 Madkill's current drummer is Clayton Moreira and he joins Natan Alves (guitar/vox) and Felipe Gabriel (bass) in the pursuit of greatness....or at very least potential new gigs! Whatever the case might be, "Mass Destruction" (which was initially put out in 2014 and is making the rounds once more!) is a whole lot more than it initially appears to be thus making it a "interesting" release from this São Paulo-based that is said to be influenced by the eighties metal scene. The EP opens "innocently" enough with "Run to the War" which is a (rough & raw) slab of primitive thrash metal. The next cut, "Freedom and Peace", follows a similar path (even if it does feature some short but tasty speed metal licks about half way in!) and from the way in which it makes it's initial entrance so does this EP's third track,"Guardian of the Sanctity". The thing is once I pulled back the curtain on "Guardian of the Sanctity" I discovered the naked truth of Madkill's music. On it's surface "Mass Destruction" might just look and sound like a typical thrash metal recording, but just like a perfectly-constructed house it's the foundation that really matters. For Madkill that foundation is garage rock/heavy metal. And it's a solid foundation. Add to that the occasional sing-speak nature of guitarist Natan Alves and you've got a thrash metal EP with a garage rock/metal base and a pleasant punk rock aftertaste! While it seems a stretch to think that a Madkill full-length album will suddenly appear anytime soon at least there is this 20 plus minute EP to keep us rockin' and rolling!      

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