Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dead Behind The Scenes-White-EP


Born in 2010 (and originally known as The Scream), Dead Behind The Scenes is a Italian five-piece that hails from Milan and just released it's debut EP, "White-EP", at the tail end of 2015. The band is comprised of Dave Bosetti (vox, guitars), Marco Tedeschi (guitars), Lorenzo Di Blasi (keyboards), Valerio Romano (bass), and Chris Lusetti (drums) and from what I've been able to gather these rather unique individuals all range in age from 18-19. In an impressive move for their young age the five members of Dead Behind The Scenes recorded & produced the quirky "White-EP" all by themselves! Later on it was mixed & mastered by Lorenzo Cassi & Alessio "EgoP" Cristiano with the end result being a five-song EP that defies easy classification. Of course when you take into account all of the different ingredients that have been thrown into the mix on this almost-whimsical EP (alternative rock, death rock/goth rock, hard rock, jazz, pop rock, post-punk/post-rock, reggae, etc.) it's not too difficult to understand the daunting nature of such a task! With that being said, "White-EP" gets plenty of points for it's creativity and overall delivery. Add to that it's well-structured narrative and you have a five-song recording that makes you want to hear what else this young Italian band is capable of. Hopefully that question will be answered sooner than later. 

As a side note it's quite obviously that a group like Dead Behind The Scenes will not be suited to everyone's tastes. But as for those who still seek out creativity in alternative rock? Well, you'd be hard pressed to find a band that has as much potential as this young band does! With time and a little nurturing this Italian act could get really interesting.... 

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