Friday, April 08, 2016

Blaak Heat-Shifting Mirrors

Svart Records

With an expected due-date of April 15th, 2016, "Shifting Mirrors" is the latest release from the highly-innovative trio known as Blaak Heat. Formed in Paris, France in 2008 by vocalist/guitarist Thomas Bellier (ex-Spindrift), Blaak Heat began life as Blaak Heat Shujaa before a change in style and location lead to the new and improved moniker. Now somewhat fittingly based in Las Angeles, Blaak Heat is as warm and colorful as their new local woulds suggest with the avant-garde "Shifting Mirrors" obviously soaking up all of the imagination and creativity that L.A. has to offer. Without downplaying the hard and heavy nature of Blaak Heart's third album, "Shifting Mirrors" falls somewhere between desert/stoner rock and anything-goes psychedelic rock. Repeated listens are mandatory if you are to pick up on all of the subtle nuances of this unconventional album, but that's not an issue at all seeing as you are going to want to hit the repeat button on Blaak Heat's new album! This one is most definitely something different, but as always different can be a good thing!

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