Thursday, March 31, 2016

Night Viper-Night Viper

Svart Records

Night Viper is a heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. And when I say they are a heavy metal band I mean just that. This is pure, unfiltered and no-nonsense heavy metal that is just the way that dear old Mom used to make it! Night Viper is old-fashioned, tried and true heavy metal and man alive is it ever refreshing! Formed in 2014 by lead vocalist Sofie Lee Johansson (whose voice absolutely kicks it!) and veteran guitarist Tom Sutton (Horisont, The Order Of Israfel, ex-Church Of Misery), Night Viper has one single to it's name in addition to this stone-cold wicked full-length LP. With a run-time of nearly 39 minutes, "Night Viper" is what you get when a bunch of righteous metal warriors come together with the sole purpose of unleashing fist-banging metal to the masses! As of this writing Night Viper is rounded out by guitarist Emil Ridderstolpe, bassist Ruben Åhlander Persson (Miasmal, ex-Guerilla, ex-Radiation), and drummer Jonna Karlsson and (collectively) it's hard to find a more well-rounded five-piece than this Swedish export! With a label like Svart Records now backing them you can expect even better things in the coming years! When it comes to this gem of a female-fronted heavy metal band we might just be looking at the next BIG thing to come smashing and bashing it's way out of Sweden! You can find this band online by heading here and if you are a fan of classic/traditional heavy metal then make sure to add this self-titled release to your personal collection!!

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