Friday, April 01, 2016

Hot Coffin-Hot Coffin

Triple Eye Industries

Fittingly enough on sale today of all days(!), "Hot Coffin" is the second full-length release from one of Milwaukee's best kept secrets. This self-titled LP serves as the follow-up to 2013's "LAW" and this refreshingly real album is Hot Coffin's first slab of monster sludge/garage punk rock n' roll with new singer Chris Chuzles (ex-Disguised As Birds). Christian Hansen (guitar), Joe Kanack (bass), and Jon Kraft (drums) round out the rest of the gang and on Hot Coffin's new album you can expect to hear eight smash & grab numbers that cut out the heart of rock and roll and then devour it piece by bloody piece! Sloppy, raw and above all fucking fun, "Hot Coffins" is as geared towards garage rock fans as it older & wiser punks. This one is not to be missed....

You can find "Hot Coffins" by heading here 

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