Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hammer Fight-Profound and Profane

Napalm Records

Active since 2011, Hammer Fight (whose name I fucking love!) is a Atlantic City, New Jersey four-piece that just recently-released their major label debut, "Profound and Profane". Initially created by two former members of the death metal/grindcore act Call the Paramedics, Hammer Fight made their studio debut in 2012 with a self-titled EP. The loud & proud "Profound and Profane" comes three years after the release of the full-length "Chug of War" (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) and it answers the question of what you would get if you were throw the likes of Motörhead, Slayer, "Bonded By Blood"-era Exodus, Zeke, S.N.F.U., Discharge, Cro-Mags, Sex Pistols, and English Dogs into a blender that's already been filled to flowing with cheap beer and M.D. 20/20! Obviously it's not always pretty and this can be one those sketchy cocktails that is hard to swallow, but when Hammer Fight does manage to strike the right cords it's a thing of real beauty! 

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