Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Close The Hatch-Death & Resistance

Red Moth Records

A quick word or two is in order before we jump into this short review. Originally this was to be the last of our three Free Metal Monday offerings of the day for yesterday (April 11th). In typical fashion that did not happen, but instead of waiting around until next Monday I am just going to be dropping this EP off now. And because it is Tuesday and I'm crunched for time thanks to having a sick kid at home I'm just going to lick & stick yesterdays article onto this page as it was originally set to appear. There's no need to thank me...

From yesterday:

I'd like to present a heavy band that hails from my neck of the woods and sure has a heck of a swell release on it's hands with their latest recording here. Of course that would be the ever so gnarly Close The Hatch who come from Dayton of all places and were first assembled (no doubt riff by bloody fucking riff!) back in 2011. If ever there was a group whose harsh and extremely-distorted sound represented how I truly feel about my home state of Ohio then this would be it! On the name-your-price "Death & Resistance" this sludgy (and somewhat experimental) doom metal/post-metal band melts minds and destroys everything that is innocent and holy. Or to put it another way they put the bop in the bop she-bop and it all feels SO GOOD! All of this oozy & boozy fun has been gift-wrapped in the shape of a four-song EP that can be found by clicking on this link.

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