Monday, April 18, 2016

Angerhead-Fueled by Rage


Angerhead is a California heavy metal band that was formed back in February of 2011 by lead vocalist Paul Hastey (Plaster) and guitarist Eric Beard (Bomb and Scary, Dr.Chunk, Xzanthus). Bassist Jim Pegram (Mudface, Imagika, Skinner) and drummer David O'Neal (Stormy Strong) round things out for this San Jose-based four-piece that now has a catalog that consists of three extreme EPs. Angerhead's latest release was produced by Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament) and this ear-splitting 5-song EP is a fitting follow-up to equally enjoyable (and just as brutal!) "Headful of Hate". Both EPs feature Angerhead's patented brand of crossover thrash metal even if their new studio recording here has a bit more going for it thanks to the inclusion of one choice cover! For those of you who have not been paying attention we are talking about Angerhead's stylistic take on "Iron Fist" and that classic Motörhead number closes this EP out in grand style!! That's the end though so where do we begin with the heavy-hitting "Fueled by Rage"? Well, how about we start with this EP's take on death metal-infused punk thrash metal? That crushing bit of metal anarchy is "So Cold" and it BLASTS it's way into the picture! From there we have "Face The Fear" with it's unmerciful combination of speed metal, thrash and hardcore, "Legacy of Hate" (old school thrash meets extreme hardcore fury!) and some headbanging crossover thrash from hell in "Take Me As I Am"! With these four legit songs on the front end and that head-splitting cover of "Iron Fist" on the back end there is no way in hell that you can go wrong with "Fueled by Rage"! Angerhead's new five-track release just SCREAMS to be played LOUD and fucking PROUD and if this BEAST of a EP doesn't get this band noticed then I'm afraid nothing will!

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