Monday, April 25, 2016

The Black Heart Gospel-Wasteland America


Based in New Jersey (and comprised of four musicians who are long-time veterans of said scene!), The Black Heart Gospel is a up-and-coming modern hard rock/heavy metal band that has shared stage with the likes of Quiet Riot, Life of Agony, Overkill and even Buckcherry(!) and has one studio release to it's name in "Wasteland America". The group's line-up includes Todd Knowlden (vocals), Stan Chan (guitar), Mark Ramsey (bass), and Pete Colvin (drums) and all four tracks on this gripping EP ("Before My Eyes", "Scary", "The Growing Unknown", and the title track) are re-worked numbers from the band member's past projects. And by "re-worked" we are talking about some seriously-fierce material that has been purged of any imperfections and then re-shaped in order that it can take the form of one to stellar fucking debut! With "Wasteland American" you get four songs that are lyrically-strong and insanely well-constructed  and seeing as they all fall under the four-minute they are all perfectly suited for today's rock radio crowd! Now, considering the fact that this (recommend) EP was put out shortly after this band first came together one would have to imagine that any new material is even better. Or at least we can all hope as much! Available on sites like CD Baby and iTunes, "Wasteland American" makes the case that we could be looking at one of the next big things to come out of New Jersey! And given that scenes success that is really saying something! 

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