Thursday, April 28, 2016

Darkage-Tales From Obscurity


Darkage is a traditional heavy metal band from Rome, Italy. The band was founded in June of 2008 by guitarist Dario Laurenzi, bassist Domenico Cannatà, and former drummer Nino. Lead singer Domenico Sepe has been with the band pretty much from the start and since 2012 the group has been rounded out by drummer Gianluca Polito. In 2011 the band released it's first demo, "The Night Calls", and the five song EP, "Tales From Obscurity", was just released back in mid-March. Interestingly enough the EP opens with the track "The Night Calls" and one would have to assume that it is a updated version of the same song that appeared on Darkage's demo. From there you have "Raw", "D.O.G.", "Evil Creatures", and "The Bells" and it all runs slightly over 28 minutes in length. As far as Darkage's take on traditional metal goes classic metal is the name of the game with the bulk of this underrated EP sounding as if it could have come from the golden era of tape trading! Naturally that is meant as a HUGE compliment and so is the admission that I simply cannot put my finger on this band's influences. In other words, Darkage sounds like no one else on the recommended "Tales from Obscurity" and that is an absolutely thrilling concept!! Other than the actual music itself (which I guess I would describe as a cross between underground eighties metal, N.W.O.B.H.M., doom, occult rock, dark metal, and classic heavy metal) the one thing I really like about Darkage is their lead singer, Domenico Sepe. Just like some of the all-time greats, Domenico Sepe has a certain presence about him and he helps give Darkage a vintage metal vibe that is simply out of this world! While I would never put him in the same class as someone like Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) I would point out the effectiveness of Sepe's haunting and somewhat evil voice. With someone like Domenico Sepe on the mic you could easily transform a normal metal band into something awe-inspiring. Thankfully in the case of Darkage there is already a great foundation in place so there's never a point where Domenico Sepe has to carry the load. As this kind of vintage metal is all the rage I would not be surprised to see this Italian band scoped up in a year or less. And to that end I would LOVE to hear what Darkage could pull off on a full-length album. I've got a feeling it could be nothing short of magical!!

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