Monday, May 02, 2016

Free Metal Monday: Wicked Faith-Warpaint


Wicked Faith (who for some unknown reason are still unsigned!) is a simply awesome female-fronted heavy rock/hard & heavy band that is based in Norwich and lead by Jade Murray. The name-your-own-price "Warpaint" looks as if it is the first studio recording from this talented UK quartet* and it was released back in mid-October of 2015. With 11 really good songs in all, "Warpaint" is about as well-rounded and smooth as one could hope for when it comes to debut albums and (per the band members themselves) it is "free, because we want people to listen...". Seeing how bloody good this album is I can't help but share that sentiment so be sure to check this one out by clicking here.

*Wicked Faith is rounded out by guitarist Tim Frost, bassist Mia Webster, and drummer/vocalist Matt Dove.

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