Friday, April 29, 2016

Current Playlist

It's been a crazy two weeks or so here at the headquarters of Heavy Metal Time Machine. I've been dealing with two sick teenagers (and multiple doctor visits!), a shit ton of body ache and more stress than I can remember having in a l-o-n-g time! There was so much going on in fact that I completely forgot to post one of these last week!! But anyway, here it is and as always I look forward to seeing what everyone else has been into this past week or two...

Listening to:

Haywire-Private Hell

Insanity Defense - Epitaph 1982-1985

Omen-Hammer Damage (Possible review coming later today!)


Von Helsing-Demo 1987

Joe Bouchard-The Power Of Music (Review coming this week)

Circle Jerks-Group Sex

Wytch Hazel-Prelude (For review and pleasure!)


I'm still working my way through the TV show Dexter on Netflix

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