Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Omen-Hammer Damage

Pure Steel Records

Formed in 1983 by ex-Savage Grace guitarist Kenny Powell, Omen is a cult power metal band from Los Angeles, California that is responsible for such classic albums as "Battle Cry" (1984), "Warning of Danger" (1985) and "The Curse" (1986). Originally active until only 1988 (which was incidentally the year that this L.A. band released the God-awful "Escape To Nowhere"!), Omen reformed in 1996 and then released it's forth full-length album, "Reopening the Gates", the following year. Since 1997 Omen has released a couple of compilation releases, a box set, a live album, and one additional full-length album entitled "Eternal Black Dawn". Due to drop on May 27th, "Hammer Damage" comes 13 years after the release of "Eternal Black Dawn" and it finds guitarist Kenny Powell (also ex-Rapid Fire and ex-Step Child) joined by vocalist Kevin Goocher (Perpetual, Phantom-X, New Last Day), bassist Andy Haas (ex-Step Child), and drummer Steve Wittig  (ex-Rapid Fire, ex-Savage Grace). The band's new album, which was also mixed by Kenny Powell and mastered by QuSound Studio/Michael Kusch, features over forty minutes of inspired power metal and it finds Omen returning it's classic roots. The real highlight of "Hammer Damages" has to be the fantastic guitar playing of Kenny Powell, but in all honesty the raspy voice of Kevin Goocher isn't all that far behind! These two members of Omen combine forces in order to give "Hammer Damage" a nice classic vibe and with a slick rhythm section backing them in style there is very little stopping this four piece from taking over the modern power metal scene! Color me surprised, but damn it if "Hammer Damage" isn't one of Omen's BEST albums of all time! That's high praise given how killer this band's first three albums are!!

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