Friday, May 06, 2016

Joe Bouchard-The Power Of Music


Just released on April 29th and serving as an absolute must-have for classic rock fans both old and young(!), "The Power Of Music" is the latest (and arguably greatest!) solo recording from one time Blue Öyster Cult member (and superb musician in his own right!!) Joe Bouchard. This spectacular full-length album (which is Joe Bouchard's forth solo recording since 2010) features seven new numbers and two choice covers. It also serves as the proper follow-up to 2014's "New Solid Black". The album opens strong with the classic rock thunder of "Walk With The Devil" all but stealing the show and from there it is just one ace track after another until "Career of Evil" closes things out in style! Written by the poet Patti Smith and Joe's own brother Albert (who was a founding member of Blue Öyster Cult), "Career of Evil" is just one of many classic B.O.C. songs that still rule rock radio and it is given special consideration by Bouchard on his new solo album. Simply put it works on so many levels, but then again you could say the exact same thing when it comes to the original material that makes up the bulk of Joe Bouchard's "The Power Of Music". In addition to the splendid title track (which sounds as if it could have been written by B.O.C. sometime in the seventies!) and the aforementioned "Walk With The Devil" (I love this great rock track!!) you've got the wild and fun ride that is "Is He The Wolfman". This first-rate song is old-time rock and roll number with a nice and spooky horror/Sci Fi vibe and it shows just how talented and creative this multi-instrumentalist is! Other stand-out numbers from this former B.O.C. member include "Story Of The Blues Project" (more old fashioned rock and roll, but this time with a nice blue twist!), "36 Strings" (a laid back number with an easy does it feel to it), and "Photographic Evidence" (another number that sounds as if it could have easily been written by B.O.C. during the seventies!). When it's all said and down "The Power Of Music" is a hell of a good rock and roll album from Joe Bouchard and it makes for a great (as in solid gold!) addition to one's classic rock collection.

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