Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Singles: Lilith and The Knight-Wake Up

Red Vixen Records

Calling London home, Lilith and The Knight is a up-and-coming heavy rock/hard & heavy band with one truly inspired single to it's name thanks to the recently-released "Wake Up". Formed by guitarist Stephen and lead vocalist Lilith a little over a year ago, Lilith and The Knight draws it's inspiration from a wide-range of sources that are both new and old. From classic rock to modern metal you'll find a little bit of everything has  made it's way into the heart of this band's fresh sound and with guitarist Adam, bassist Tom, and drummer Francesco rounding matters out it sure seems as if NOTHING can stand in the way of this group's ultimate success! Fans of female-fronted rock and heavy metal would do well to invest in the magnificence that is "Wake Up" especially as this in one new single that is sweet as F**K!!!!

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