Friday, May 20, 2016

Current Playlist

Wow, another week has flown by in flash! Where did it go and why do I feel as if I have whiplash from the whole affair? Even though I was sick for a couple of days there in the middle it still seems as if it was just last week when I was posting one of these. It's just crazy....

Listening to:

Striker-Stand In The Fire (For possible review)
Imperative Music Volume XI
Nuke-Nuke (Review coming...)
Sacred Reich-Ignorance
Diamond Head-Diamond Head (Review coming...)
Scarblade-The Cosmic Wrath (Possible review...)


The X-Files Season 1


Fallout 4-Far Harbor

As always I welcome I your playlists as well as your suggestions for reviews. Let me know what your listening to, watching, reading, and yes, even playing! And as always have a great week and remember to keep it LOUD and PROUD!

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