Friday, August 05, 2016



It was back in mid-January of this year that I first covered Baltimore, Maryland rock/metal act Thrillkiller. Their debut offering, "Time", was a hell of lot of fun and that explosive 4-track EP proved to be a easy recording to love thanks to it's simply unreal combination of  hard rock/guitar rock, AOR, and eighties pop metal! With their brand new disc here lead vocalist/main man Rob Bradley and crew* prove early on and often that sophomore slumps are for suckers and that it is indeed possible to out-think, outperform & outplay perfection!! More or less picking up where "Time" left off, "Showdown" builds upon the success of Thrillkiller's debut EP by adding six great new tracks to the mix. In addition to the fantastic title cut(!) there is "Living in Infamy", "The Fever", "A Reason", "The Believer", and "Social Disease". All six numbers sound simply amazing (and then some!) and showcase the insane amount of growth that this Baltimore group has achieved in it's short time together. What's more they fit perfectly in with the material from "Time" so that when it's all said and done you have the album to beat for 2016! If "Showdown" doesn't get Thrillkiller scooped up and signed then they is something terribly wrong with this thing we call reality!!

*Maxim Sobchenko - Guitar/Co-Founder
  Sebastian Ochoa - Bass
  Matt Bittman-Enginer and Drums

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