Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi

 "Heroes" is a brand new EP from Italy hard rock/heavy metal band Badmotorfinger. It follows the 2013 album "It's Not the End" (which you can read about here) and finds Luigi "Sange" Sangermano (Sange:Main:Machine, Old Flame, ex-Tarchon Fist) taking over lead vocals for the departed  Il Reverendo (Stefano Altobelli). Named after the classic Soundgarden album, Badmotorfinger also includes guitarists Federico "HeavyRico" Mengoli (ex-ex-Tarchon Fist) and Alessandro "Alex" Mengoli as well as bassist Massimiliano "Tommy" Tommesani and drummer Fabio "Barra" Bussolari. On the group's new EP there are three new tracks ("Hidden Heroes", "Needle In My Vein", and "Badmotorfinger") as well as three tracks that originally appeared on the group's debut album, "It’s Not The End" ("No Second Chance", "Afterlife", and "Rebel"). The three old tracks have been "carefully reworked, re-recorded and rearranged". As far as the old tracks go, "No Second Chance" is a new and improved version that is razor sharp(!) while "Afterlife" and "Rebel" are acoustic takes on what were original electrified numbers. "Afterlife", which features a duet between Sange and Viviana "LaViv" Cappelli, is arguably the better of the two acoustic tracks, but "Rebel" (with it's country rock vibe!) is a solid enough number that closes this EP up on a quite pleasant note. Those are the "old" tracks though so what do we make of the "new" ones? Starting off with the HEAVY-hitter "Hidden Heroes", Badmotorfinger's latest material shows off the group's natural growth as metal band ("Needle In My Vein") while still retaining that familiar (and much loved!) hard rock and roll sound ("Badmotorfinger")! Both tracks are over the four minute mark, but whereas "Needle In My Vein" is raw heavy metal with some (old-school) thrash touches, "Badmotorfinger" is pure hard rock love and joy! Much like their early material, "Badmotorfinger" pays homage to the one and only Motörhead! As a longtime fan of Lemmy and company I can't help but LOVE that fact, but then again there is plenty of love to go around when it comes to this Italian band's latest recording!! With the exception of the two acoustic songs, each number on "Heroes" offers a slightly different take on true heavy metal. You've got classic metal ("Hidden Heroes"), heavy metal thrash ("Needle In My Vein"), hard & heavy ("Badmotorfinger"), and even some punk-infused metal ("No Second Chance"). Each and every number here works (including the two unplugged tracks!) and that ultimately leads to a new recording that should make people stand up and notice this five-piece band. For an act that originally started out in 2006 as a cover band, Badmotorfinger has come a long way from it's humble beginnings. One would think that this band would be bigger than it is right now, but things happen for a reason I guess. Hopefully the EP "Heroes" sets some good things in motion for Badmotorfinger as they really do deserve a bigger and better fan-base as well as way more press than they are getting now!

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