Monday, November 14, 2016

Free Metal Monday: Knightmare-Wolves of Retribution

The Arcade Records

Active since 2010 (and not to be confused with all of the other similarly-named bands out there!),  Knightmare is a up-and-coming U.S. heavy/power metal band with two full-length albums to it's name. The forty seven minutes long "Wolves of Retribution" is this group's latest recording and it came out in late January of this year. For this Raleigh, North Carolina-based four-piece band it is all about (gritty and true) classic heavy metal with catchy choruses, blazing-hot leads, and epic overtones! Amazingly enough available for free by clicking here, "Wolves of Retribution" showcases a hungry heavy metal outfit that seems destined for much more than just local success. This is one talented American metal band that I would keep a close eye out for!

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