Friday, November 11, 2016

Hosoi Bros-Abuse Your Allusion III

Typhoon Killer Records

 Self-described as "Party Thrash" (see below), Hosoi Bros is a up-and-coming metal band from Memphis, Tennessee that just released it's full-length debut album, "Abuse Your Illusion III", back on September 23rd. This buzz-worthy group is comprised of  Apple (guitars, vox), Severin (guitars, vox), Drewbie (bass), and Jimmy James Blasingame (drums) and they have been thrashing up the scene since early 2010. Having shared the stage with everyone from Red Fang to Skeletonwitch, Hosoi Bros has slowly, but surely built up a loyal following and it is all thanks to this band's fun and catchy take on crossover metal! The 11-track "Abuse Your Allusion III" is this group's first full-length recording and it follows a pair of 2012 singles, "Wine Witch" and "Snorlokk". Geared towards both punks and metalheads, "Abuse Your Allusion III" has a slightly raw production job that recalls early releases from the likes of C.O.C., D.R.I., Murphy's Law, Gang Green, and S.O.D. Ultimately this gives the album a (wonderful) vintage vibe that all but transports you back to the good old days of tape trading and fanzines! And man oh man do I ever miss those days!! This one certainly takes me back, but given it's fair share of modern elements it never feels dated. It has a run-time of just over 36 minutes and it is available on CD, vinyl, cassette and as a digital download. With song titles like "Saint Tightus", "Thunder Train", "Topless Gnome",  "Drunk Donkey", "Unholy Hand Grenade", and "Bitches Are Nigh", the cheekily-titled "Abuse Your Allusion III" obviously does not take itself all that seriously, but it is a slamming classic all the same! This one gets a solid 9 out of 10....

"Party Thrash" = crossover metal that is as punk as it is metal. This is raw thrash meeting up with punk-tinged metal for an evening of beers and bowling while bands as diverse as the Sex Pistols and Slayer set the mood. Influenced as much by the Circle Jerks and Crumbsuckers as they are Nuclear Assault and "Kill 'Em All"-era Metallica, Hosoi Bros turns "Abuse Your Allusion III" into one of those great releases where anything is possible! While listening to just one song on this 11-track album I heard shades of Black Sabbath, Sepultura and Dr. Know!! You just cannot beat that folks.....

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