Tuesday, November 01, 2016

UfosonicGenerator-The Evil Smoke Possession

Minotauro Records

Formed in 2011, UfosonicGenerator (one word?) is a somewhat strange yet fascinating Italian metal band whose leisure-time activities included "Fuckin', Punchin', Smoke & Heavy Drinkin', and Rockin' & Rollin' all over". The spooky fun "The Evil Smoke Possession" serves as this quartet's full-length debut and while it is nowhere near as eerie or foreboding as it initially appears, UfosonicGenerator's first full-length release is still a home-run recording for this up-and-coming band. With eight devilish numbers to it's name, "The Evil Smoke Possession" is well-written and performed and it joins a back-catalog that includes two 7" EPs, "Harold The Addicted, Pt.1" and "Harold the Abducted, PT.2". More or less a smooth mixture of 70's hard rock, proto metal, stoner rock, and doom, "The Evil Smoke Possession" is apparently what happens when you put four rather-different personalities in a locked studio and then force them at gunpoint to create a TV soundtrack that is a little bit doom and a whole lot of rock in roll! In addition to some downright sick bass notes that would make both Geezer Butler and Lemmy Kilmister proud, "The Evil Smoke Possession" benefits from beer-soaked guitar licks that split the difference Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath. Meanwhile there's some cool, old-school rock and roll drumming going on here and, best of all folks, you have a kooky lead vocalist named Gojira whose "Lustful screams from Japan" sound like a more ghoulish (and possible less stoned?) Ozzy Osbourne! Add in a vintage production job and there is literately no way that you can go wrong! Due out in Late November, "The Evil Smoke Possession" is a great starting point for this odd name band from Italy. It is also one recording that I plan to keep in heavy rotation for the foreseeable future...

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