Monday, October 24, 2016

Lizzies-Good Luck

The Sign Records

Formed back in 2010 by Patricia Strutter (guitars) and Motorcycle Marina (bass), Lizzies is a on-the-rise  heavy rock/heavy metal band that hails from Madrid and is (fittingly enough!) named after one of the street gangs from the cult film "The Warriors" (1979). Lead singer Elena Zodiac and drummer Saray Sáez (The Screamin' Fish, Them Autumn Bones) round out this four-piece band that first made the scene with "Heavy Metal Warriors". The nine-song "Good Luck" is this Spanish band's unreal debut album and it was preceded in life by not just the aforementioned 2012 demo, but a 2013 EP entitled "End of Time" and last year's (stone cold killer!) single, "Viper". Skillfully-produced by Ola Ersfjord (Dead Lord, Tribulation, Primordial) at Moontower Studios in Terrassa and Cuervo Studios, "Good Luck" clocks in at just over thirty minutes and it features the amazing sounds of one young and enthusiastic band that wasn't just raised on classic rock and traditional heavy metal, but the whole N.W.O.B.H.M. scene! In addition to "Viper" and my personal favorite, "666 Miles" (which you can check out by clicking on it's official video below!), "Good Luck" is full of hard & heavy gems like "Night in Tokyo", "Speed on the Road", and "Russian Roulette". The album opens up strong with the really cool "Phoenix" (a gritty hard rocker that blends together Iron Maiden, Raven, and Girlschool!), and thanks to it's slick combination of catchy material and clever lyrics it keeps the momentum going until the very end! Available in digital format and on CD and vinyl, "Good Luck" is a fantastic debut from a hot new band that knows what's it's doing and where it wants to go. Ultimately I give this one a perfect 10 out of 10!!



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