Friday, October 14, 2016

Steel Inferno-Aesthetics Of Decay

Infernö Records

Every bit as metallic as their name implies, Steel Inferno is a up and coming/super buzz-worthy group from Copenhagen whose full-length debut album, "Aesthetics Of Decay", is scheduled for release on October 20th. This five-piece band, which was formed back in 2012 and is lead by the simply exceptional Karen Collatz, is apparently made up of musicians from not only Denmark, but Greece, France, and Poland. In addition to the forthcoming "Aesthetics Of Decay" this female-fronted heavy metal band has a back catalog that includes one demo and a 7". Having shared the stage with the likes of Cauldron, Encyrcle, Night Viper, Ranger, and Savage Master (to name just a few!), Copenhagen's Steel Inferno looks as if it is more than ready to make the leap from hometown heroes to word-wide icons! That's assuming the band's "Aesthetics Of Decay" gets the proper press it so rightly deserves. Well, that and plenty of spins on any/all stations that specialize in hard rock and heavy metal. God knows the fan-base is out there just waiting for a record like this! The truth is I can't help but get extremely excited about not only this band's stone-cold killer debut album (and mark my words friends it is damn fucking fine!), but Steel Inferno's potential impact on the scene at large! Seeing as this wicked as shit heavy metal band combines some of my all-time favorite things into one tidy little package (more on that in a second!) it's easy enough to wager on Steel Inferno's future success. Especially when you've got someone as good as Karen Collatz standing up front on the mic! That right there is golden brown deliciousness, but really there's a tad bit more to the story of Steel Inferno than just it's talented front-woman. I mean what happens when you surround a great singer with such top-notch musicians as Lars Lyndorff (guitars), Patrick Mantzouridis (guitars), Thierry Zubritovsky (bass), and Krzysztof Baran (drums)? Well, it's a two part answer. First you've stacked the deck in favor of this Danish heavy metal band as there's honestly enough talent on display here to fill a couple of projects! These guys (and gal!) really know how to put together a record that hits all the right buttons and that even includes the big read one that says "Maximum Devastation"! Musically and lyrically this one simply destroys the competition and that brings us right back around to the second part of this question. Frankly-speaking when it comes to this female-fronted heavy metal group you have one of the best new bands that Infernö Records has to offer (and yes, the irony that a band called Steel Inferno is on a label called Infernö Records is not lost on me!!). For a record company that has more than a few great bands on it's roster that is certainly saying something, but pound for pound this one definitely stacks up to it's new label-mates!! As for what Steel Inferno brings to the party? For the intoxicating drink called "Aesthetics Of Decay" you are going to want to start off with one lean and mean five-piece band that is equal parts dirty speed metal, classic heavy metal, and punk-flavored N.W.O.B.H.M. (Iron Maiden's first two albums will do just fine in a pinch). In a blender combine that with a heaping spoonful of high-octane 80's metal (up to and including the early U.S. power metal movement!) and a dash or two of "Master Of Puppets"-era Metallica. Last, but not least finish things off with a splash of furious women who know how to rock. Once you have all of the necessary ingredients together be sure to add in plenty of ice and then blend it on high until you have a rich and smooth consistency. That right there is how you end up with a recording like this one and yes, it is just as fucking radical as it sounds!  Geared up and ready to go with it's eleven powerful moments, "Aesthetics Of Decay" is hopefully just the first in what will prove to be a long-line of epic recordings for Steel Inferno!!


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