Thursday, September 29, 2016

Serpent Crown-Incantations of Vengeance

Horror Pain Gore Death  Productions

It has been a long-time coming, but "Incantations of Vengeance" is the sophomore album of California metal band Serpent Crown. With a total running time of twenty seven minutes and fifteen seconds this six-track release was recorded at Green Dot Studios and it serves as the proper follow-up to Serpent Crown's 2013 self-titled debut*. The new album finds band founder Dara Santha** (vocals/guitars) joining up with bass player Tommy and the well-traveled drummer "Woz" (I Klatus, Lair of the Minotaur, ex-Earthen Grave, ex-Trifog, ex-Blood of Martyrs, ex-Left Testicle Syndrome). Despite the three year gap between releases, "Incantations of Vengeance" actually picks right up where Dara's band last left off and for longtime fans of this sludge-laden thrash metal group that of course means more soul crushing material that is as fearsome as it is fascinating! On album number two Dara sounds just as menacing as she did the first time around (if not more so!) and that applies as much to her guitar playing as it does her voice!! With the help of her new crew and a nice production that does it's job by not stepping on the toes of Serpent Crown's fiery front-lady (!), Dara Santha has showed the heavy metal community not only what this California band has to offer, but women in general!! In a scene that is still far too dominated by men, heavy metal in general needs more terrific musicians like Dara Santha so that we might encourage young women to step up and get involved. There's a huge reason why Serpent Crown is as intense and imposing as it is and that has everything to do Dara Santha. As the mastermind behind this acid-spitting mythological beast, Dara wields all the power and when it's fully unleashed on the unsuspecting public at large it is best to simply stop what you're doing, turn around and face the wall of heavy fucking metal as it comes crashing down upon you! Like "Serpent Crown" before it, "Incantations of Vengeance" packs a real wallop and it is one of those ear exploding albums that you will want to hear over and over again. In closing I would just like to say welcome back Serpent Crown. What took you so long? 

*As you can see by clicking here, 2013 was a great year as far as heavy metal music was concerned. If you scroll down through my list best of the year list you will find "Serpent Crown" and for good reason! Serpent Crown's debut is a one hell of a album and just like "Incantations of Vengeance"it comes with my highest recommendation!

**Back in August of 2013 I had the pleasure of interviewing Dara Santha. If you have never read that piece then you can find it here.

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