Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Seax-Speed Metal Mania


Formed in 2009 by Brazilian guitarist Hel (Aeshma, Helgrid, ex-Infernal Devotion, ex-Fires of Old, ex-Zircon), Seax is a buzz-worthy speed metal band that hails from Worcester, Massachusetts and is currently fronted by vocalist Carmine DeCicco (Black Sabre, ex-Raging Fire). Recorded and mixed by the band's second guitarist, Eli Firicano (Ravage), "Speed Metal Mania" is Seax's third full-length album since 2012 and yes, it is every-bit as wicked cool as the above artwork suggests! In addition to such instant classics as "Leather and Spikes", "Fall to the Hammer", "Nuclear Overdose", and "Possessed by the Axe", Seax's latest (and quite possible greatest?) full-length album has two numbers with the word SPEED in it!! Those two gems would be title track and "Speed Forever" and they actually open and close this (highly-recommended!) 10-track album. They also make "Speed Metal Mania" all that much more fun, but then again so does the self-explanatory (and frankly downright awesome!) "Forged by Metal"! With a run-time of close to 41 minutes(!) and some simply-killer influences that range from Exciter's first two albums to "Kill 'Em All"-era Metallica(!), the recently-released "Speed Metal Mania" is just too good to not pass on to all of our readers. It's packed with all kinds of raw energy and it sports a finger-blistering take on vintage speed metal that is sure to stick to your ribs for weeks on end! All of the performances are all spot on and that goes for Seax's other two members, bassist Mike Bones (Ancient Power) and drummer Derek Jay (ex-Hell Within, ex-Trauma Concert). In the end I cannot think of one good reason to not rave on and on about this fucking awesome album!! I mean sure, one should probably point out the fact that this recording is most definately haunted by the late ghost of Motörhead. But otherwise?

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