Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Motorfingers-Goldfish Motel

Logic(il)logic Records

Motorfingers is a up-and-coming modern hard rock band from Italy that was formed in 2008 by guitarists Max Barbolini and Andrea "Spy" Spezzani. The odd-looking "Goldfish Motel" is this five-piece band's latest full-length release and it features lead vocals from Daniele "Abba" Abate (of Nightglow fame). Bass player Faust (ex-Golden Sextion) and drummer Alex Gualdi round things out for the classic rock-infused Motorfingers and this well-crafted album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at MotorHome studio. Opening up nicely by way of the self-explanatory "Walk On Your Face", the emotionally-charged "Goldfish Motel" is a surprisingly edgy release that is nothing at all like it's bright and cheerful cover suggests! Let's all thank the gods of (hellfire!) rock and roll for that saving grace!! Can I get an amen? Amen! Clocking in at 42 minutes, "Goldfish Motel" is a guitar-heavy offering with some rad rockers ("Behind This Fire", "Obscene", "Burning Down", and "Eat your Gun") and the obligatorily ballad ("Nothing But A Man"). With guest performances by Lucio Stefani (violins on reflective "Nothing But A Man" ) and Andrea "Dizzy" Ruggeri (keyboards on the appropriately-titled "Obscene"), "Goldfish Motel" is also the sound of a on-the-rise Italian band that is bound for bigger and better things!! Now, as far as (starting) reference points go, Motorfingers falls somewhere between a heavier Staind and a more streamlined Guns N' Roses. Or is it a harder-hitting Mötley Crüe and a rock and roll-geared Shinedown? One can never quite sure when it comes to (extremely!) riff-happy modern hard rock like this, but no matter which way you slick and dice it this 11-track album works! You can find out more about Motorfingers by checking out their Facebook page and you can find "Goldfish Motel" on iTunes.

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