Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vomitron-NESessary Evil

Metavania Music 2016

Active since 2002,  Vomitron is a experimental solo project from Lowell Massachusetts guitarist Peter Rutcho (Armory, Crotalus, Graveheart, Birch Hill Dam (live), ex-Frozen, ex-Lecherous, ex-Blistered Earth, B'Chunk, Bloodwitch, ex-Discreate, ex-Pornogore). The cleverly-named "NESessary Evil" is Vomitron's latest instrumental release and just like the previously-covered "No NES for the Wicked" it offers insanely-cool heavy metal versions of original NES video game music! As someone who got an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) for Christmas as a teenager, "NESessary Evil" brought back plenty of fun memories that I had all but forgotten about. While my family was a tad late to the NES party, I still played many of these games with my younger siblings and friends. It's true that we had to either rent a lot of these games from our local video store or borrow them from more well-off friends, but we had lots of fun all the same! Incidentally, this was right around the time that I was really getting into the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Sometimes I'd have these bands playing over the background music while I played the NES games and sometimes I'd shut off volume on my TV and just let the speed metal and thrash metal take over. All of which means that in a lot of ways video games and heavy metal music go hand in hand for me. With that said, I still would have never guessed that one day we would be witnessing the slick combination of these two fun activities! Well, technically-speaking this is more along the lines of progressive power metal, but still, "NESessary Evil" is absolutely awesome for what it is! Since I can't seem to pick a favorite moment I'll just post the official track list so that everyone can see what we are talking about.

 1.Wizards & Warriors 
 2. Metroid (1 of 2)     
 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1 of 2)    
 4. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest     
 5. Bionic Commando (1 of 2)     
 6.  Metroid (2 of 2)     
 7.  Marble Madness     
 8.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2 of 2)     
 9.   Bionic Commando (2 of 2)     
 10.  Mega Man

 Obviously there are a lot of classic NES numbers there. With skill and expert precision, Peter Rutcho moves from one timeless song to the next. With "NESessary Evil" Peter pays homage to a piece of entertainment history while further showcasing his technical ability as a lead guitarist. Arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Peter himself, Vomitron's latest recording is like the past and the future collided. It brings back wonderful memories from a time that is sacred to so many of us even as it presents a version of heavy metal that is almost futuristic in it's stylized (and technical as hell!) approach. For our younger readers a release like this one might not mean much, but for those of us who are...older and greyer, "NESessary Evil" is the gift that keeps on giving! Available on CD and as a digital download, "NESessary Evil" comes highly-recommend! For more information on this (simply-killer!) project and to order this cool as f**k release be sure to click here

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