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Attacker-Sins Of The World

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Attacker is a highly-regarded U.S. power metal/traditional heavy metal band from New Jersey that is currently fronted by skilled-vocalist/lyricist (and all-around Metal Maniac!) Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas (Morbid Sin, ex-Exhibition, ex-Overlorde, ex-Seven Witches). Formed back in 1983, with only drummer Michael Sabatini (ex-Jersey Dogs) remaining from the original line-up that once gave us "Battle At Helm's Deep" (Metal Blade Records 1985), Attacker was initially active up 1989. After being away from the scene for something like 12 years(!), Attacker made a triumph return in early 2004 with "Soul Taker". Fast forward a few years to 2016 and we know find Attacker on album number six with this 45 minute (near-masterpiece) album. Available for pre-order at this link, the riff-tastic "Sins Of The World" serves as the long-awaited follow-up to 2013's critically-acclaimed "Giants of Canaan". It is the first release to feature new bass player Brian Smith (ex-Hall Aflame). With 10 razor sharp tracks that slash and thrash their way into your long-term memory, "Sins Of The World" is (unfortunately) also the last album to feature original guitarist Pat Marinelli*. While this incredible guitarist will be missed, "Sins Of The World" serves as a testament to his commitment to this New Jersey band. Along with equally-skilled guitarist Mike Benetatos (ex-Apollyon, ex-Jersey Dogs, ex-Sleepy Hollow), Pat had a hand in some of the exceptional solos on "Sins Of The Word". And when I say these solos are exceptional what I really mean is they are out of this fucking world insane!! As has been the case since day one, Attacker is well-known for it's use of wicked guitar solos, but seldom have they been as unbelievable as they are here!! On "Sins Of The World" these same blazing-hot guitar solos have been cranked WAY up in order to give the listener a heavier listening experience. Of course it's not just the lead solos that seem heavier. New bass player Brian Smith crushers the competition with his thick riffs while founding member Michael Sabatini just demolishes his well-traveled drum kit! With the added benefit of Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas (man alive, the range on this guy is unreal!) the album "Sins Of The World" provides a noticeable turn towards all things aggressive and intimating! That's not to say that Attacker has lost it's ability to write technically-sound material. Well-crafted and sporting a clean and clear production job befitting a veteran band of such high-status, "Sins Of The World" finds Attacker at the top of it's game as far as songwriting is concerned. In a world where a lot of veteran power metal and thrash metal bands are simply phoning in new albums (yes, I am looking straight at you Metallica!) you'll find Attacker not only standing tall, but arguably better than ever! Picking up where "Giants of Canaan" left off, Attacker's new album improves upon this band's (already time-honored) form of tried and true U.S. power metal/traditional heavy metal thanks to a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Geared towards all fans of real heavy metal (you know the kind), "Sins Of The World" is a instant classic and a new high-point for this long-running New Jersey band.

*Guitarist Pat Marinelli co-founded Attacker with drummer Michael Sabatini. 

 PS: Depending upon when it is actually released, "Sins Of The World" should make PLENTY of year end "Best Of" lists. I know it would make mine!

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Attacker were one of those bands where I first them right as I was getting out of regular metal and more into thrash so they didn't click with me. In more recent years I went back and checked out their albums realized just how good they were.

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