Friday, December 09, 2016

Steel Messiah-Of Laser and Lightning


Steel Messiah is a (somewhat-new) four-piece heavy metal/speed metal band from Germany that lists Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and Motörhead as just a few of it's influences. Active since the year 2014, with this EPIC 5-track EP serving as the group's first studio offering, Steel Messiah is based in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg and lead by wicked bassist/vocalist Marius Röntgen (Furcate). The talented lot of lead guitarist Marcus Gläser, rhythm guitarist Kai Wagne, and drummer Moritz Nothhelfer round things out for this young but impressively-skilled quartet whose lead singer (Marius Röntgen) almost sounds as if he could Germany's answer to Rob Halford! Or maybe he's just Rob's long lost cousin? Either way, Marius Röntgen hits all the high notes on this must-hear EP!! Other than the obvious nod of appreciation towards all things Rob Halford* (both Judas Priest and his solo project Halford) and the one song "Fast n' Sharp" (which has moments where early Metallica and Megadeth come to mind!) this up-and-coming band draws a chunk of it's sound from cult heavy/power metal acts like Exxplorer, Jag Panzer, Medieval Steel, Liege Lord, Powerlord, Malice, Warlord, and Deadly Blessing. Of the five tracks on the band's solid debut EP, "Dr. Steel", "Fast n' Sharp", and "Motorcycle Maniac" would be my fave moments, but really you can't go wrong with any of the vintage metal-tinged numbers on this 23 minute plus recording. Speaking of which, "Of Laser and Lightning" would be primarily geared towards fans of classic metal and eighties metal. Because of the way in which these songs were written, performed, and then ultimately recorded it is abundantly clear that these four young and hungry musicians proudly wave the banner that is true heavy metal. More than anything, Steel Messiah's -track debut plays as if it is a love letter to the earlier metal bands that helped pave a way for today's scene. Unlike some other paint-by-number retro-revivalists, Steel Messiah plays as if they were actually there, back in the early to mid-eighties and performing for their peers who were also in new and exciting metal bands! As "Struck by Lightning" kicks things off for this choice EP you can almost picture yourself back in the day when clubs were small but jammed packed with fellow metalheads who were there to hear new metal bands for the first time. Long before you-tube and iTunes sometimes the only chance that   you might get to hear a band's music was to actually go and see them live. I am well aware that it is a cliche statement on mine, but all the same, "Of Laser and Lightning" could have almost been passed around the scene via tape trading! That's have rich this highly-recommended EP is and how far it's roots go!! And since this is only the group's first release they are bound to only get better with time. One can only imagine how good a full-length release would be from this German heavy/speed metal band! Let's hope they get that chance. In the meantime be sure to check out the group's Facebook page for more information on the band and this headbanging recording! 

*Because of those simply-righteous Rob Halford-like vocals the songs "Dr. Steel" and "Motorcycle Maniac" sound like they could have been ripped right from Judas Priest's "Painkiller"! 

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