Monday, March 06, 2017

Clouds Taste Satanic-Dawn Of the Satanic Age

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Born of hellfire and brimstone in 2013, New York's stoned and alluring Clouds Taste Satanic has been everybody's  favorite instrumental doom metal band since at least 2014. Having left off with the excellent  "Your Doom Has Come", members Steven Scavuzzo (guitar), David Weintraub (guitars), Sean Bay (bass), and Christy Davis (drums) make round three the best one yet! By their own words it's "tighter, heavier, and more aggressive than ever". All of which is true. The only problem is they didn't go far enough with the disc's (well-deserved) description. Thanks to everything in-between and including "Enthroned" and "Demon Among The Stars" (with Side B's "The Brocken" the best thing that I've heard in AGES!), "Dawn Of The Satanic Age" is (as the British say) Damn Bloody Brilliant! That's all good. Yeah?  If so then why am I frowning? Well, to be perfectly honest I do have one tiny little complaint. With only six tracks and a run-time of thirty six plus minutes, "Dawn Of The Satanic Age" is a tad bit short for my tastes. No, that is being too kind. Highlighted as well by "We Die We Live" and "Just Another Animal" (two of the best doom metal tracks that I've heard lately), round three is nothing but a tease as far as I am concerned! Seeing as we have to wait a year in-between new releases, Clouds Taste Satanic is downright cruel to it's fans and to it's lovers!! Should I seek "Retribution" or should I just acknowledge the fact that I have been lead (willingly) to death's warm embrace?

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