Sunday, November 19, 2017

Emerald-Voice for the Silent

Metal On Metal Records

Dutch heavy metal band Emerald, originally known as Warrior (under which name a four-song demo was released) and not to be confused with the handful of other Emeralds out there (both active and defunct), is a four-piece group that was initially active between 1984 and 1989. During their first run the group released one LP. That album is entitled "Down Town" and it came out in 1985. It's taken the band some thirty plus years to offer up a follow-up, but as they say, it's better late than never! Having reformed in 2002 and with all four of the original musicians responsible for "Down Town" appearing on this epic comeback (vocalist Bert Kivits, guitarist Allard Ekkel, bassist Essie Zagers*, and drummer Rudy Marissen), "Voice for the Silent" is Emerald's long-anticipated sophomore release. With the additional help of co-lead guitarist Paul van Rijswijk, "Voice for the Silent" is also a nod and a wink to the old school. For anyone that loves eighties heavy metal and the better aspects of the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene, "Voice of the Silent" is a real testament to the glory and power of traditional heavy metal!! Since much of the material was actually written back in the eighties, "Voice of the Silent" has the feel of a long lost classic of yesterday. Of course the analogue production goes a long ways towards making this album sound like a lost gem of the eighties. To that end, "Voice of the Silent" makes for a must-have CD if you are into heavy metal's glory days. It is a nice blend of melodic material and raise your fists in the air METAL! Lead vocalist Bert Kivits sounds as energetic and enthusiastic as he did in 1985 and (musically) Emerald is just so smooth and rock-steady when it comes to delivering the metallic goods. Available on CD and as a digital download (click here for more info), "Voice for the Silent" is geared towards anyone that just loves real, honest to goodness heavy metal. Mad thanks to Emerald** for keeping that flag waving!

*Sadly Essie Zagers passed away in 2016. This album is dedicated to his memory.

**As of this writing the group is rounded out by bassist André Wullems.

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Anonymous Gordon Overkill said...

Nice Review! Love the Album, too!

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