Monday, November 13, 2017

Draghkar-World Unraveled

draghkar - cover


This is a three track demo from California's Draghkar. This is old style death metal with a definite early-mid 90's influences all stamped all over it. Wings over Malkier is a riff-driven slugfest that smashes away with a brief, but well down slow bit in the middle. Cowering in the town of blinded eyes roars on next with more pace changes then the opener, but maintains the high intensity level. Towards the end of this one they toss some controlled bursts before the end and they were great and I almost wished they had put in the song at an earlier point. World Unraveled closes out the tape and it's likely my favorite of the three just because it's equally as heavy as the other two, but has a bit more direction. This is raw cavernous style death metal with a lot to recommend about it. The biggest downside may have been the sound quality was decent, but not great which can be expected from a demo at times. I would definitely like to hear what they can do on a  full length album.

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