Monday, November 27, 2017

Grate-You Should Be

Social Blasphemy Records

The brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Nick Holmquists (Aisumasen), Grate is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based outfit that was formed in 2001 and is now on album number three with "You Should Be". At first Grate was a solo project for Chris. Over time though new band members were introduced. With new members and new albums the group slowly but surely evolved into the beast that stands before us now. These days the band's influences seem to run the gamut from Godflesh, Fudge Tunnel, and Killing Joke all the way up to Prong and Helmet. Not quite industrial metal, noise rock, hardcore heavy metal, or even raw metal, Grate is a little bit of all of the above and then a whole hell of a lot more! While it was actually released over the summer of 2017, "You Should Be" is as hot and dangerous now as it has ever been!! Thanks to it's bleak industrial edge and hard as hell attitude, Grate's latest recording should appeal to a wide array of metal fans.

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