Monday, November 06, 2017

The Obsessed-Sacred


Hailing form my home state of Maryland, The Obsessed have existed in different versions for almost forty years, but have just a few releases because their times of existence have been few and far between. The one constant has been front man/guitarist/vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan and more). The band is back with their first studio release in 23 years. That's enough to be excited about right and then once you get this monster started playing you will really be excited. The first thing that hits me about this album it's a clinic of how to get so much out of every chord, beat or word. Not a skill every band knows that's for sure, but this album has that at it's heart and they just add on the layers as they push along. Need examples? The opener "Sodden Jackal" is a think, lumbering song that pours out thick and pulls you in right away. "It's only money" harkens back to groove laden, head bobbers with a huge dose of the early 70's.  The instrumental "Cold Blood" is a twisting, heavy crusher that has more surprises than I figured it would.  "Be the night" might just be my favorite song with it's punching riffs and swirling beats. I do have items that bothered me about the last few songs. Third from the end "Interlude" is really just a snippet that comes and goes with out doing a whole lot except feeling it doesn't quite fit. The last two tracks go in the order of "On so long" and "Crossroader blues" and both are both exceptional. However I am a big believer in there be certain tracks that should open an album and certain ones that should close it so I keep feeling like those two tracks should have switched  places so that the hazy drifter "Oh so long" could bring a proper end to this album. Minor nitpicking aside this album is a real killer

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Had the pleasure of seeing the Obsessed in Baltimore a few weeks ago in a small club. As great as the new release is they were even better live. They were a wall of heaviness that overwhelmed the senses. It's hard to hear so much going on and believe it's just three guys making all those sounds. It was the last date of the fall tour, but I believe they will be out touring again next year so if they come to your area definitely go.

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