Monday, November 06, 2017

The Xiles-No comply


I recently went to this DIY place up the road from me that has shows about twice a month for the CD release party of Frederick's The Xiles. This young band just started playing shows this week and they've been busy gigging around in the area. They just released this seven song disc. After watching them deliver an energetic and tight set in front a small, but enthusiastic audience I shelled out $3 for the CD and $10 for one of their shirts. Add to that the show cost $7 and I was shocked in this day and age to see a show, get a CD and a shirt for $20. Back to the music at hand here. I'm assuming everyone in this band was born in the last 18-22 years, but their sound has more of an influence form more like thirty plus. The songs here remind me of early 80's punk rock when it mostly about attitude and bands like the Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat and the Angry Samoans just cranked this often brief yet charged up bursts. The Xiles have efforts like the title track and "Wrong Direction" that you saying yes, I can relate to or understand that either now or years ago. While "I'm fine" reminds me a touch of Suicidal Tendencies classic "Institutionalized" with a tale of someone being or at least being perceived as being unhinged. I found this album to be instantly addictive and it was car's player for a while. My only gripe might is that with seven tracks and a total running time around 20 minutes it ends too quickly and I there more. Hopefully there is more coming from this band in the near future. Facebook and band camp links are below.

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