Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tricounty Terror-Revenge

Emp Label Group

Tricounty Terror (vocalist Tessa, lead guitarist Kelsey, rhythm guitarist Erica, bassist Cera, and drummer Andi) is a Texas-based group that just dropped "Revenge" last month. By the looks of it this eight-track album serves as the band's studio debut. If that is indeed the case, "Revenge" is a hell of an introduction for these hard & heavy rockin' ladies! On "Revenge" the listener is treated to a (whiskey-soaked) mixture of punk metal and Southern rock/metal. Toss in a nod or two of appreciation to Lemmy and Angus Young and you have one album that is a total blast from start to finish! For the five fierce ladies in Tricounty Terror it's all about being as loud and rowdy as humanly possible. Fast, furious, and real as fuck, "Revenge" also showcases a well-tuned band that isn't afraid to cut through all the bullshit and just ROCK IT! There's nothing phony about these five musicians or the ass kicking sound that they produce. Much like Motörhead before them, Tricounty Terror is the right kind of band to unite the punks and the metalheads.  Available wherever righteous punk rocking metal like this can be found, "Revenge" is a album that you are going to want to play Loud & Proud!!

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