Wednesday, November 29, 2017



Here's a fun fact kids. There sure as hell are a lot of bands out that called Wraith. The other day I found this out the hard way. While searching online for more information about the English hard rock/melodic metal band Wraith (all for a possible review that quite possibly will never happen) I somehow managed to stumble upon Indiana's Wraith. If not for a particular cover track (more on that shortly) I probably would have just skipped over this band. Up front I should probably add that when it comes to this Wraith there isn't a lot to go by. It doesn't seem as if there is a Facebook page for Indiana's Wraith and there is no listing of the band in the Metal Archives. So, as far as line-up information goes I've got nothing. Not that it matters. When it comes to any band it is the music that counts. In regards to Wraith we are talking about a sick mash-up of crossover, street-legit hardcore, (raw) garage metal, and blackened speed metal! The cool thing about "Wraith" is that it puts that short, but sweet noise in-between a sample from Army of Darkness and a cover of Motörhead's "The Hammer"!! Admittedly having seen the band's cover choice I just had to give this one a spin. Ultimately I am glad that I did. This eight song release might not be very long, but it sure does get the job done. Hopefully this is only the first piece of the puzzle for this mysterious band as I would love to hear more.  

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