Monday, December 11, 2017

Current playlist-end of 2017 edition


To be honest I missed a lot of releases the first half of the year and have been trying to play catch-up the second half of the year. I am still way behind in getting around to hearing all the albums I wanted to this year. Over all it's been a good year for the styles of music I like. Here is what I am checking out recently.

Listening to-
Kreator-Gods of violence
Blood Feast-The future state of wicked
Horrified-Allure of the fallen
Primitive Man-Caustic
Morbid Angel-Kingdoms disdained
Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper

Nine lessons I learned from my father

Twilight Zone the complete series
The Broncos trying to not get a high draft pick.
The Capitals getting it together and getting hot.

Feel free to add what you are listening to, reading or watching in the comments.

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