Sunday, December 03, 2017

Jacobs Moor-Self


Jacobs Moor is a progressive power metal/thrash metal band that has been active since 2010. Self-produced by the band members themselves (Richard Krenmaier-vocals, Rupert Träxler and Johannes Pichler-guitars, Stephan Först-bass, and Rainer Lidauer-drums), "Self" is the latest studio album from Jacobs Moor. It was sent my way courtesy of drummer Rainer Lidauer. Having covered the band's 2014 debut album, "All That Starts", and the 2015 EP, "The Evil in Me", I looked forward to diving straight into this recording. After a brief instrumental introduction ("March of the Flies") we cut right into the heart of the matter with "Watching Atrocities" (see video below). This powerful piece rips the album wide open and leaves little doubt as to the fact that this five-piece band is back and as killer as always! Not that there was any doubt whatsoever. Given the strong effort that was was "The Evil in Me", "Self" merely reaffirms the mad skills of this technical and precise power/thrash unit. Making our way through the heavy thrash of "The Absence of Me" and the sick title track (progressive metal with muscle and might!), "Self" proves to be a remarkably consistent album. Not so much in a style kind of way. It's actually impressive songwriting and the overall performances of everyone that wins the day. It seems pretty obvious that the material on "Self" has been re-written and re-worked to maximum efficiency. When it comes to "Self" there is also a lot of variety to be found. While technical power metal is primarily what is on display, "Self" goes a long ways towards adding a little bit of everything to the mix. It's all here from the blues to modern day extreme metal. There are touches of classic metal and hard-edge thrash. Harsh and clean vocals give way to sensational drumming while the stringed instruments are nothing short of dynamic! "Self" is the rare kind of album where every song gels together and yet each track could work on it's own. Opening with the shortest track on the album ("March of the Flies"), Jacobs Moor ends "Self" with the longest cut of the bunch. Clocking in at over eleven minutes(!), "Hopeless Endeavor" shows of the many talents of this veteran act. Now in their seventh year together (it's almost eight years really), Jacobs Moor should be a household name by now. The fact that they are not is a tremendous shame. Maybe "Self" will end up being the band's winning ticket? Let us hope so. Because quite frankly this Austrian metal band has sat on the sidelines for far too long.

Video for "Watching Atrocities":

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